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At the Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we believe Massage Therapy is an important part of attaining and maintaining your optimal health. When you are out of alignment your muscles are also out of balance. Massage Therapy restores that balance and helps you to heal more quickly. Massage Therapy reduces the pain and restrictions of scar tissue restoring normal range of motion therefore helping Lymphedema  reduce. Stress hormones go down and immune function goes up with the use of massage. There are thousands of peer reviewed research studies that show the efficacy of massage on many health issues. Following is a video from the Mayo Clinic on their use of Massage Therapy. 

"Becky is not only technically precise in administering her massage therapy, but she is also amazingly intuitive. She zeros in on spots that need attention when I don't even know they need attention, until her healing hands do their magic and unknot my muscles and move things back to where they lived before they got all tight and tangled. Becky has helped me to keep moving despite some physical impairment caused by nerve damage. She has given me sound advice on improving my over all health and mobility. I appreciate that she continues to learn more about massage therapy and other areas of health related practices. I feel very fortunate to have found someone I trust completely, feel comfortable with and confident in for my massage therapist."

----Katrina B. 


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