Kurt Johnson, Digestive Health Specialist

Kurt is married to Dr. Mary Jo Johnson and has been part of the clinic since it opened in 1993, serving as business manager. He has a master’s degree from the University of Illinois in accountancy and is a former CPA.

Kurt has been an advocate/consumer/grower of organic food and ‘food as medicine’ for more than 40 years now. He discovered he’s gluten, lactose, and sugar intolerant at a time when the only foods sold as gluten free were rice crackers and hard as tack rice bread. He’s now been eating ‘clean’ for more than twenty years and has a wealth of knowledge about how to cope with special diets, avoid hidden sources of toxins and allergens, find and cook tasty and healthy food, and navigate a social world where white flour and sugar dominates every occasion. 

Over the years Kurt has assisted Dr. Johnson in researching and assessing the validity and integrity of various diets, nutritional programs and supplements, and they still collaborate on all cases.  He is certified by the Food Enzyme Institute as a Digestive Health Specialist, has attended all the institute’s advance courses and many of their conferences.  He provides nutritional services focusing on the five phases of nutrition: diet, digestion, assimilation, utilization and elimination. Kurt recently completed a course with Dr. Andrew Rostenberg, DC, of Red Mountain Clinic on the nutritional implications of small intestine biological overgrowth (SIBO), candida, methylation issues, and hormonal imbalances.  

Recent success stories:

  • A middle-age person was referred to our clinic after being incapacitated to the point of being unable to work. They were diagnosed  by their medical specialist as having all the symptoms of a stroke without having had a stroke, and advised to accept this condition as ‘their new normal’.  By the end of their first visit to our clinic it was evident to them there was a nutritional component to their condition. Shortly after adopting our program, at a follow-up to the medical specialist they were advised to keep doing whatever they were doing.  The patient came in for 4 visits over 7 months. At the last visit the patient had lost 50 pounds, returned to full time work in a physically demanding position, and all but one of the stroke-like symptoms was resolved.  
  • An elementary school student was brought by their parents to the clinic.  The child was having great difficulty in school, prone to volatile mood swings both at home and in school, and constantly complaining of stomach pain. On the first visit we diagnosed the child as simply being unable to digest food, and therefore suffering from ‘functional starvation.’ We made interim recommendations and within 3 days the parents were able to see significant changes in demeanor and behavior.  Laboratory testing enabled us to identify the underlying cause of the condition and we were able to address the condition nutritionally.  We saw the child for five visits over 4 months. At the last visit the mother described the child as happy and the sweet, loving child she remembered them being before ‘this’ began.  


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