Fibromyalgia Treatment in Indianapolis

Fibromyalgia is a condition of unknown origin marked by these prominent symptoms: widespread muscle pain, fatigue and sleep problems. Fibromyalgia syndrome includes some of these additional symptoms: morning stiffness, headaches, memory problems and numbness in the hands, feet, legs or arms. 

With fibromyalgia, the muscle pain and tenderness indicates the body is exhibiting inflammation. Inflammation is not a bad thing, for inflammation is the body's natural defense response to stresses upon it, such as cuts, unfriendly viruses and dietary toxins, toxins simply being anything that body does not find useful. The body prefers a clean environment and inflammation is a cleansing process. 

The inflammatory response is also a healing response, and it is marked by fever, redness, swelling and pain. If all is working well, a stressful event that generates an inflammatory response will be quickly resolved and the fever, pain, redness and swelling will dissipate in short order along with the wound, flu. or dietary toxins.The inflammatory response places a heavy demand on the body's energy resources, thus it makes sense that if the body is continually in an inflammatory state fatigue, pain, stiffness etc. would set in. 

Continuous pain in the muscles indicates the inflammatory response is continually battling some foreign invader. When inflammation is continuous, it suggests either the invader is one for which the body's inflammatory response is adequate, or perhaps the inflammatory response is adequate but the invasion is also continuous, therefore the body must continuously mount an inflammatory response. 

Our experience and education informs us nutritional inadequacies can result in widespread muscle pain and tenderness. If particles of undigested food or toxins pass through the digestive tract into the body,they will cause the body to exhibit an inflammatory response to their presence. If there is something in our diet which triggers an inflammatory response and we continually eat that food we should expect continual bouts of inflammation. If we must endure repeated bouts of inflammation we should expect to be fatigued. 

In many cases dietary modification can resolve chronic muscle pan, and fatigue. 

Dietary modification includes:

  • Decreasing or eliminating a food(s) from the diet
  • Adding or increasing a food(s) to the diet
  • Adding appropriate digestive enzymes to the diet in order to allow digestion of food eaten.

Determination of what dietary modification are required to resolve a person's chronic muscle pain can only be made through direct examination and clinical testing. If you suffer from chronic muscle pain, tender points or fatigue we recommend our Complete Nutritional Workup. 

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