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Headache refers to any pain about neck or head. There are innumerable causes of headaches but all headaches are classified as either primary or secondary. A secondary headache results from an underlying disease or structural problem and includes headaches which are a side effect of a drug, sinus infections, and head injuries. 

Primary headaches are all headaches which are not explained by an identified disease or structural deviation. Better than 90% of all headaches are considered to be primary headaches. 

Chiropractic has been proven more successful than any other treatment regimen to relieve primary headaches. When headaches are relieved by chiropractic adjustment but recur, requiring frequent adjustment to relieve headache pain, it indicates the spinal subluxation is not the cause of the headache but is itself a symptom of another underlying problem which, if resolved, could prevent both the spinal subluxation and the headache from recurring. 

Our education and experience informs us in most cases chronic and recurring primary headaches can be eliminated through dietary modification. 

Dietary modification includes:

  • Decreasing or eliminating a food(s) from the diet
  • Adding or increasing a food(s) to the diet
  • Adding digestive enzymes to the diet in order to allow digestion of food eaten.

Determination of what dietary modification are required to resolve a person's chronic primary headaches can only be made through direction examination and clinical testing. If you suffer from chronic primary headaches we recommend our Complete Nutritional Workup. 

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